Short notes about the information presented in here

A match is considered to be a national team game if:

The usage of terms "captain" and "head coach" is inconsistent at the moment. In some countries (at least in Finland) the captain is considered a motivational leader like in ice hockey and soccer (association football). However in other countries (at least in U.S., New Zealand, Australia?) the captain is a player with even more responsibilities including coaching decisions (player selection, strategy, fielding of players, etc.), more similar to a captain in cricket. Before making necessary changes to the database to allow consistent handling of these terms, I would like to have more input about the national customs. Please send feedback on this!

The international/tyro/B-teams are excluded from the final placings.

Currently the database does not contain game-specific roster information (Finland being an exception). This means that if a player was selected to a national team and went to a tournament where the national team played 10 games, also the player is considered to have played 10 games (this is reflected on the player summary pages). In many cases this is not accurate (player might not play beause of coaches decision, because of an injury, or because arriving to the tournament site only after the tournament has started). Unfortunately collecting game-specific roster information many years after a game was played is simply not possible so I do not see a retroactive change in this respect. Note that even the database contains game-specific roster information for Finland, these pages do not currently reflect that and therefore the information seems to contradict with the older Finnish national team statistics site.

West Germany and Germany are (currently) treated as separate countries.

The data has been received from many different sources and listing all the sources for each individiual piece of information is just impossible. In some cases the sources are contradicting each other. In these cases I have subjectively evaluated the sources and chosen the source which seems more credible.

Looking for the following missing data!

Major issues

Tournament Division Looking for
European Championships, 1992 Juniors

Placings for Belgium, Germany, Denmark

Game results for games, which Finland did not play in

European Championships, 1987 Open, Women

Placings for a number of countries in Open.

Some game results for games played on Friday, September 11th

All Scandinavian Championships (1984-1990) Open, Women Many game results and final placings are missing.

Minor issues

Tournament Division Looking for
European Youth Ultimate Championships, 2009 Junior Did Russia and Hungary play the game for 9th place on Saturday, Aug 8? What is the score for Sweden - Latvia pool game on Thursday, Aug 6 (was this game played at all)?
Practise tournament in Bergamo in 2003 Open Based on an archived (Internet Archive) story on German Flying Disc Association Web site, there was a practise tournament in Bergamo, Italy before EUC2003. At least German Open team, Italian Open team and Swiss Open team participated (Germany dominated both teams - no details about the scores)
European Championships, 1992, The Netherlands Open?, Women Any tournament details?
European Championships, 1991 Women Sweden-Belgium, Sweden-The Netherlands 2nd round games. Forfeits?
1986 Open Based on a story in UPA Newsletter there was a scrimmage tournament for national (only open?) teams in Luzern, Switzerland before the WUGC 1986 in Colchester. West Germany participated (as well likely Switzerland). Also part of West Germany team apparently played in the weeks before WUGC by playing against Austria. Any additional details on this?
1983 Open Rude Boys (USA) had ehibition games before WUGC 1983 against at least France and Belgium (both won by USA) and likely against UK as well. Source: UPA Newsletter
European Championships, 1982 Open Dates for a number of games (minor issue)
European Championships, 1980 Open Finland-Belgium 17-7 (Swedish association) or 17-9 (Finnish source)? Sweden-Italy 19-5 (Swedish Association) or 23-4 (Franco Figari)?

Materials can be sent in in any format (scans of orginals, text files, Excel files, etc.). Thank you in advance!

Of course all roster contributions are welcome (a list of names, one name on one line in the format "last name, first name" is the easiest option, but scanned pages are fine as well). And all photos (team photos, photos of a specific person) are a nice additional touch.

History of this collection

This project started in late 90s when when Juha Jalovaara and Hartti Suomela (yours truly) started collecting the ultimate national team statistics (game results and rosters) for Finnish national teams in open division. Initially the data was kept in an Excel sheet and occasional snapshots where published on the Web site of Finnish Flying Disc Association. A few years later we started gathering data for the other divisions as well.

Soon Excel proved to be inadequate to keep the growing database and in 2002 I transformed the collection to a web site, which still exists today. The data on the site has been updated and fixed numerous times after it was initially published.

At one point (and after hearing a couple of requests of similar database for other countries) I realized that during the years I had acquired a quite comprehensive archive of all possible games between all ultimate national teams. Finally in 2009 I started changing and growing the database for this purpose. However getting the site up and running required a lot of time. After a year-long hiatus the site finally started taking shape in April 2010 and was launched publicly in May 2010.