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Ultimate National Team Statistics

This project started in 1997 between Juha Jalovaaara and myself as we started collecting player statistics from Finnish Ultimate National team in Open division (Mens). In the beginning we used an Excel spreadsheet for keeping the stats, but after few years (and adding other divisions in the mix - like women's and junior divisions) the tool started to feel a little inadequate. Also we got requests from players to find out how many national team games they had played, so in 2002 converted the spreadsheet to a MySQL database and published the results on the Web.

During the following years I added more tournaments, more details for the past tournaments, and more divisions as the Finnish national team activities grew. At one point I realized I had quite complete game information for all countries in all tournaments, and in late 2009 I started working on getting also those data published. Afterone year hiatus, I finally had enough time in my hands to complete that task. Please enjoy and send any feedback to me.

The Paintings and Other Artwork by Päivö Suomela (my father)

My father, Päviö Suomela (1925-2002), was quite productive artist even though for being employed full-time (as teacher for arts and painting and later as principal in various highschools in Helsinki area) for all his life. Mostly he created beautiful oil-paintings, but he experimented with various other techniques, like aquarells, coal, wood sculptures and reliefs (including the memorial medal for Käpylä highschool).

In 2002 photographed as many of his artwork I was able to find and created this Web collection to showcase his work for also others to enjoy. One of these days I should update the interface, redo some images and some new images still missing from this collection.

SMS Counter - A Home Screen Widget for Nokia N900 phone

Recently I had some extra time in my hands and I wanted to play a little with Python and GTK on N900 (a Maemo 5 based device). I found a suitable project on, where someone was asking for a small widget which would help keeping track of the SMS quota. If you feel adventurous, you can download it on your N900 from extras-devel repository at At least some people have dared to do that...

I will still maintain that project and update it if need be. However my next project for N900 will be implemented on Qt (need to learn that as well :-)

Papers on Usability and Social Network Analysis