TilesSpin mobile game

TilesSpin is a casual, but quite challenging puzzle game for iPhones. The user is tasked to The game board consists of hexagonal tiles which the user can move and spin around using a simple tap and double-tap interface.

The game board consists of tiles which can be moved and spun around. In the starting state the tiles are shuffled and the player’s task is to recreate the orginal image.

Tapping a tile spins the surrounding tiles clockwise by one notch. Double-tapping a tile moves the surrounding tiles clockwise one notch.

In case of mistakes, one can undo single actions and even restart the whole level.

While playing, one can switch the board background to a colored gradient, which can give a better idea which tiles are incorrectly positioned.

Gain immediate access to locked levels by purchasing level packs. Ability to use own photos as background is also available as a purchase.